Broker transmit still not working

Hello C2 team,

I already messaged the help desk but no response since yesterday.
My new strategy shall be linked to my second IB account. I have signed and sent in the documents last week and they were approved. On the weekend I switched the broker connection to the new system so that I can seemlessly start this monday at market open. But it´s still not working. Link to system:
I have an open position in the broker account but it doesn´t get synchronized. On my end I can´t do anything more than I´ve done, control center says I´m connected with the correct strategy and approved (SmartVolaPlus). Maybe the system still sends the signals to the killed strategy to which the account was connected before even though it states that it is connected to the correct strategy. (killed strategy link:
Please fix it soon.

Thanks in advance,

Problem solved, thank you.

Slightly off topic. If I have 2 IB acounts can they both autotrade from 1 c2 account? Do I have to pay the $99 license fee twice?

You can autotrade in up to 3 IB accounts from 1 c2 account with one autotrade fee.

so all 3 ib accounts can autotrade at the same time? so if scale limits are set at 500% and all 3 accounts are set at 500% each we can loophole around this restriction? Has anyone done this?

They let you autotrade different systems in up to 3 IB accounts. The same system in only one IB account.