Broker Transmit Delay

I use Broker Transmit via IB for my system called ‘Futures’ where I track my live account. The issue I have is that sometimes there is a delay, or orders don’t send at all, so not sure if this is a viable way to manage the program. Anyone else with this issue?



I use the same method and didnt have any issues at all. But I dont trade Futures.

Yes I have the same problem, though with “Platform Transmit”. Trading CL and NQ futures, the delay from my fill in my TradeStation account to when the fill occurs in C2 is about 30 seconds. In a fast market I can’t use the function and the strategies I have using Platform Transmit are off-line in Private mode for the time being because of this. I have one system in Broker Transmit, TradeXpert Crude Oil, and it’s functioning OK.

Based on 10k+ synced orders the avg speed of PlatformTransmit is less that one sec (980 ms apx).

However, if any filled order sync is missed (internet, server, connection issues, maybe bug), a second sync engine will try compare platform (source) and c2 (target) positions in every 120 secs and re-sync them if necessary.

Maybe this is happened few times on your side and you experienced so “huge” time delays. Let me investigate your PlatformTransmit connection, executions and get back to you in PM.

If any issue appeared, we will fix it asap and release a new version.

Thank you for feedback!