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Hi Matthew,

I plan to run three separate strategies on C2. However, I only have one IB account. So my question is do I need to open three IB accounts to run three strategies on C2?

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Howard -

If indeed you want to use BrokerTransmit to run three separate strategies as a Trade Leader here at C2, then, yes, you will need three broker accounts.

(When you are ready, let the C2 Help Desk know, because we will need to make a third broker connection visible to your account. Typically only two connections are visible to people by default.)

P.S. To anyone reading this message, I am speaking only about being a Trade Leader here on C2. If you are an AutoTrader (i.e. if you follow other people’s strategies), you do not need multiple broker accounts. You can trade multiple strategies in one single broker account – yes, even if the strategies trade the same things in opposite directions.

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“yes, even if the strategies trade the same things in opposite directions.” hahaha — best idea ever. then for sure one of them should work. You shouldn’t tell ppl this :joy:

This isn’t particularly outrageous. Whether on C2 or not, one can trade multiple strategies, each with a different time frame, and both might be “right” over whatever time-frame lens they use.

Just an example: a multi-strategy quant hedge fund could possibly be “in” ten positions at once (each run by a different trader at the firm), but the firm’s overall book might have no position, at any given moment in time.

May i suggest one thing. It would be nice if the site has a function that user can classify the synced positions into different strategies. Otherwise it is a bit pointless for users to run up to 3 strategies by paying up $99 a month but only one of them can be linked to real money account (at least i felt it is a mess to open three separate IB accounts).

I think that´s a bit difficult to do unless every strategy is trading a different instrument class and only that class like futures, options, stocks etc.
Because somehow you would need to be able to tell IB (through your TWS for example) that this trade you´re going to enter is ment for a certain strategy on C2. It´s broker transmit after all.
Lets be realistic, it´s too much programming that would need to be put in just for the convinience of a hand full of trade leaders. And you need the money for 3 different strategies anyways or else you will run into problems when the strategies have drawdowns simultaniously in the same account.
Just keep things seperated that makes it easier for everyone, including your moneymanagement. :wink:

I have a very similar question on maintaining multiple connections with BrokerTransmit to the same IB account.
My Quantopian algorithm maintains an active connection to my IB account during market hours. Would I still be able to have BrokerTransmit record orders in my account, or would the 2 connections interfere with each other? I’m hoping to figure this out before I commit the $99 needed to use BrokerTransmit

No, they will not interfere: we connect directly to IB servers for Autotrading/BrokerTransmit and this does not affect TWs logins.