Can I lead 5 strategies for copy trading from ibkr on C2?

I have lots of statgies but I am not sure which one would be the best in the following two years. So, I would like to have all of them, let’s say I have 5 strategies. Now the questions is can I use ibkr to lead all of my five strategies from my multiaccount from IBKR? If so, how Can I do it on ibkr? I also have one strategy on C2 now.


I use broker transmit at IB to C2. In my experience I have a separate IB account number per C2 account. Then any trade I make in the IB account gets passed through.

Say my C2 strategy has $100,000 of pretend capital to it and I have a Roth with $110,000. I have opened a second Roth and transferred $10,000 to it so that the original account number has roughly the same $ amount as the strategy then link the $100k IB and $100k C2 strategy. Every now and then I do additional transfers to keep them in sync since I don’t charge fees to myself etc.