BTO STO Stop Order via Autotrade to IB?

Can C2 allow a BTO/STO Order triggered by a Stop Loss price level that is above/below market - and have that Autotrade to IB ( via Tradebullet )?

I tried this and the trade entry was accepted in C2 but the order didn’t make it to TradeBullet or IB.

Sorry if this is a known issue already in the forums.

Mike Holder.


From your message I am not sure which specific order you are talking about, but remember this: that C2 doesn’t send an order to Gen1 software while the market is closed. It waits until just a few minutes before the market opens (because otherwise some brokers or exchanges reject the order). Does this perhaps explain your situation?

Hi Matthew. Subject above strictly addresses issue of a Stop Order to trigger OPENING a position via the BTO or STO Order format. Here is an order that was accepted in C2 Trade entry but that did not make it to Tradebullet or IB :

BTO 1 CGBZ0 Canada 10-Yr Govt Bond at stop 124.05 Cancelled 11/17/10 8:09 ET …

where 124.05 Stop entry level was higher than current price of 123.70.

Can you comment on this issue alone please. thank you.

This other separate issue you mention - not related to this - re Orders when markets are closed - I have sent you a direct email on symbol SXFZ0 where I believe C2 has the wrong trading hours for this symbol.

Mike Holder. 2 issue are not related and are on 2 separate symbols. MH