Bug in drawdown

I had sent an email to productdev@collective2.com regarding a wrong calculation in the drawdown of the system Armada ETF Hedged (54344455).

Since I am not sure if it was the correct place to report it I am placing the info here too.

On the 26th of January Collective2 started showing a maximum drawdown of 47,78%. This drawdown is completely impossible as none of the ETF’s had a change in price which could justify a drawdown of this magnitude.

The system is diversified between 11 ETF’s, but even if it had only one of the ETF’s it would have been impossible to experience a drawdown of 47.78% in a single day…

Still no reply regarding when the drawdown can be corrected…

Real system drawdown is around 3% and not over 40%…

As someone who is considering placing a system on Collactive2, and reading the entire site to see if I want my company's name associated with Collective2, this ignored post... ignored for 10 days now is very troubling.

Inaccurate reporting of a systems performance is something that should be addressed promptly by Collective2. Collective2 is only taking money out of its own pocket if the system stats it reports are full of errors, and the system developer is having his system, and his reputation tainted in public if in fact the systems stats are being reported incorrectly.

Doesn't encourage me to place a system here, if in fact this issue is still not even answered, 10 days after the first request for help on this issue.[LINKSYSTEM_54344455]

Mea culpa. I should have fixed that spike in the equity when it was first pointed out, but I goofed. It is now fixed. My bad. Sorry.

Nice to see the quick…if belated reply…

Thank you for sorting this out (and thank you Frederick for bringing the subject up!).

A 47% intraday drawdown would really keep people away even if I explained them that it was impossible for the system to have had a intraday drawdown of that size…

Obviously a bad tick in the data, which happens when one is dealing with live data from time to time.

I am encouraged that it was eventually fixed, and I realize the time demands that befall a website run by a small staff, however, this inaccurate reporting of a system’s results… which went on for ten or eleven days after it was brought to the attention of the site admin can not only lose every potential customer that looked at this system over the ten days it was inaccurately reported, but permanently stain the reputation of its owner as one can never fully get back the damage done by a bad first impression.

I’m sure there is much for C2’s staff to do each day, but I suggest that reports of inaccurate system results be given higher priority than apparently it currently receives.[LINKSYSTEM_54344455]

Real time data should be filtered upon receipt in real time to remove spikes, data transmission errors and checked for reasonability.