Daily Cash II Drawdown

Was it just me, or did anybody else see the major drawdown experienced by the Daily Cash II system? I think the owner of the system basically stopped accepting subscribers so his screen becomes private and nobody sees the massive losses. Is there any way that collective2 can prevent system owners from using this loophole to hide bad performance?


Or Maybe There is Another Possibility?
Maybe Daily Cash II Has Reached Its Subscriber Limit?
Did You Think of That?

But, Thanks For Keeping My System In The Lime Light. It’s Much Appreciated!


I am fairly certain I saw your drawdown take a big jump right before you made it private. What a coincidence that this happened right as you hit your subscriber limit.

Also, let’s not forget Daily Cash, your other fund. You also made that private and I remember the drawdown on that being more than 50%.

I am wondering what collective2 can do to prevent system owners from simply going private to hide bad performance.


Most of the recent drawdowns for the Daily Cash II are due to data feed problems into my software – Thanks to Comcast, resulting in false-positive leads for my system (my subscribers are aware of this).

But, that has since been corrected. I’m using another ISP now.

And, I expect much better results starting next month.

If all goes well there may be more subscriber openings available for this system in the future.

So, stay tuned.

Btw, in regards to your comment about the original Daily Cash system from 5 Years ago — check your facts. It was never down 50% and the only time it was kept private was before I was ready to present it to subscribers. And, does that chart look like it was ever down 50% to you?


Avoid like the plague …

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I can’t believe the owner of this system BLAMES software data feed problems. It’s all about accountability—accept the fact that some poor trading decisions were made. It’s never a good idea to blame technology, as often it’s human error that causes problems. In this case, I think it was some bad calls on trades.


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Matt and C2 … I agree with Mike that system performance should must stay visible. The strategist’s performance on older system is completely germane to performance on current / new systems.

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