BUG in System Finder?

First, try

Find A System…Grid… Shows "Gen 2 - Mini S&P Only" as 2nd or 3rd most popular. Looks correct.

Now, try

Find a System…System Finder. Select "Most popular on Collective 2" then "Anything" and leave all the "Show Only" boxes unchecked. This should mimic what is shown in the default Grid. "Gen 2 - Mini S&P Only" does not show up at all on this most popular list.

I believe it could be the fact that last 30 days the return has been negative for Gen 2, even though I did not check "Profitable last 30 days" box. My guess is this filter is still active, even if unchecked.

OR, am I missing something?


Bump. Has anyone looked at this to see if this is a legitimate bug? I just checked, and I still see the same issue.