Bug: Personalized Equity Chart Results Dialog

In my "Personalized Equity Chart Results Dialog", I am unable to update new values for the Personalized Chart settings. It says "Building custom chart based on your personalized preferences" with a gray activity bar that updates, but never completes.

How do I reset these values, so I may submit new ones? (Are these stored in a cookie?) Can someone reset this for me on the server-side? Or, please add a means to reset these values client-side.

My current settings were entered on accident, resulting in all stock equity curves looking like losers. The settings are:

Start: $30,000

Show sub fee: Y

Show comm cost: Y

Forex (unchecked)

Fee per 10,000: 1.00

Futures (unchecked)

(Selected) "All symbols same per-side commission": 6.98

Options (unchecked)

Per ticket charge: 9.95

Per option lot: 1.25

Stocks (checked)

Per ticket charge: 1.00

Up to this qty: 300 per share: 7.000

Up to this qty: 500 per share:

Up to this qty: 700 per share:


Of course the per-share of 7.00 is the killer, but there must be a bug in the web interface.

Regression: This occurs in IE 8 (Windows 7), Firefox 3.6.13 and the latest Safari, so it is not browser specific.

It appears this bug has been fixed. I have been able to re-adjust my Personal Equity Chart settings successfully.

Acknowledgement of this issue, and notification of a potential fix would have been nice.

A more formal bug/issue reporting system would be even better.