"Personalized" graph settings broken

Every time I try to change the "Personalize equity chart results" settings, I get the "building chart based on your personalized preferences" busy indicator, but it never completes. I have tried this with both Firefox 4 and IE 8 on two different computers with the exact same results. Any help would be appreciated.

- Jim

I am able to see the Personalized chart, using Chrome. Sounds like it was some temporary glitch at C2.

The personalized chart is a great idea but alas in practice it often produces misleading results, especially with long term systems that trade infrequently. As an extreme example imagine you bought, say, some shares of SPY and held on to them for a year. With subs fees turned off, the personalized chart would show a flat straight line.

There are technical reasons why this is calculated so which Matthew explained in past forum posts. It is nevertheless wrong in many cases.

IMO in such cases you are better off doing your own personalized calculations by downloading the trading history and combining it in a spreadsheet with historical prices pulled from Yahoo or other market data source. Then you can be confident about how the results are obtained.

I don’t disagree with you. My only reason for posting was because this “feature” of the web site is broken. (I just tried it again with the same failure.)