Buy and immediately reopening position?

On a number of systems I see positions which have been closed and then immediately opened again.

What’s this all about?


why is the UK site so basic? It’s hard to find many systems. I understand UK residents can still use the USA site?

Hi, Andrew:

It would be helpful (and would probably increase the chances that a system developer would answer your question), if you were a bit more specific about which systems you are asking about.

OK, I’ll keep an eye out for when I notice it again and note it down

Ah here we go. Vision Forex, 4:58 this morning sell and then buy the same again GBP/CHF.

I’m quoting this example but I see it with many systems, certainly forex and futures.

ID Issued Action Quant Symbol Good Til Model Account Outcome


7/25/13 4:58 ET Buy to open long position 50,000 GBP/CHF at limit 1.4372 Good Til Cancel traded at 1.43704 7/25/13 4:58 ET

The following instruction is conditional upon #82181052 above being executed first.

82181054 7/25/13 4:58 ET Sell to close position 50,000 GBP/CHF at limit 1.4388 Good Til Cancel[LINKSYSTEM_77110794]