Issue with Autotrade-Open positions page

I nearly fainted this morning when I took a look at the Open positions page and I saw that one of the GBP/JPY Sell-To-Open limit orders had been filled at 126.XX, very far from the 128.XX that was set to, causing a $1000 losing position that took my breath away.

My first reaction was to close the position ASAP just in case got worse. A few minutes later I logged onto my broker site (MBTrading) to take a closer look at my account. Fortunately it seems that the position was indeed filled at 128.XX and not 126.XX as it was displayed in the “Autotrade/Open Positions” page. Actually the trade ended up making a very small profit instead of a $1000 lose.

My question now is, can anyone look into this problem so it doesn’t happen again? I quite rely on this view to see what is going on with my trades.

Note: I didnt have any other GBP/JPY position open and I didn’t place any maual trade directly with my broker.

These is the signals information extracted from the “Performance report” page which is quite wierd because shows a Buy-To-Open instead of a Sell-To-Close:

Original signal sent by the trading system:

(blank C2 id)

2012-05-14 11:08:15


Buy to Open <— WTF ??




My signal to close the open position:


2012-05-14 11:32:07


Buy to Close <— WTF ??



160,000 <---- WTF ?


Germán Sáez

Adding information from my broker in case it helps:

Sell GBP/JPY 5/14/2012 7:04:17 AM 80000 128.22700000

Sell GBP/JPY 5/14/2012 7:06:44 AM 40000 128.21000000

Sell GBP/JPY 5/14/2012 7:06:44 AM 40000 128.21000000

Buy GBP/JPY 5/14/2012 7:08:15 AM 80000 128.16700000

Buy GBP/JPY 5/14/2012 7:32:07 AM 80000 128.30400000

It doesn’t make any sense to me…


There was a disconnection from MBT this morning and we didn’t get all fills. The result was a duplicate entry order (which Sync corrected quickly) and inaccurate average fill price information for a short time.

Thank you for your quick response