C2 now supports international stocks

We’ve gone international, babino.

C2 now supports Australian, British, and Canadian stocks. That is, C2 now supports the ASX, LSE, and TSX stock exchanges, respectively.

System developers, select STOCK on your trading ticket, and enter stock symbols like this: LSE.BP or ASX.RIO or TSX.SC. All trading profits and losses will be converted back into U.S. dollars, at the prevailing exchange rate. That’s because your C2 Model Account is denominated in U.S. Dollars.

Please, more European stocks. I need Ibex 35 stocks of Spain as provider. I have many customers.[LINKSYSTEM_41388243]

Excellent :slight_smile:

What about European options and CFDs? Any plans?

Hi, Dean:

Please educate me. What are some examples of the instruments, symbols, exchanges, etc. that you are interested in?

If you can provide a few very concrete and specific examples, along with whatever exchange info you can provide, it will help me figure out how (and whether) we can support these.


Ah, I’ll have to do a bit of research there myself before I can answer you. So far I have been trading only US instruments even though I live in Europe, simply because when I started trading it was easier as a retail punter to trade options in the US. But it has been on my to-do list for a while to branch out (in reverse so to speak!) more locally.

Will let you know when I know more…



When you say you want the IBEX 35 to be tradable, do you mean the MEFF futures contract tracking the IBEX 35 index?

Hi Matt, I know of at least two other very popular systems on C2 that would welcome the possibility of trading the MEFF futures contract (ibex-35).

Can we add support for the ibex-35 futures?

Any update here? Are IBEX futures still unfeasible?