C2 Chart Broken?

Seems that the equity curve chart is broken. Mine is showing the 18th as the final date even when zoomed.

Looking into this now, Nigel. Thanks to you and others who have brought this to my attention. - Matthew

Also, the monthly figure and % return aren’t updating - no doubt they’re related?

This issue appears to be affecting my system as well. [LINKSYSTEM_53827366]

Hi, guys - We added some new statistics to our background calculations, and these stats are slowing down the calculations (for the first time they are calculated). I’m adding some additional CPU to the jobs and hope to get through the backlog in the next 24 hours. Sorry for the hassle. Should get resolved shortly.

At 5:11PM Eastern 03/23 I see the same problem still exists on my system as well. [LINKSYSTEM_55991308]

Yup, it’s still broken.

Fixed now, thanks