C2 Errors galore

3/15/11 23:29 SELL 10 GBP/NZD 2.19487 0 2.20336 ($602)



Trade Blotter: Forex Income

3/16 11:44BTC10GBPNZD@ stop 2.20510GTCWorking


Above is a cut and paste …note that the price is below the stop. Why does this occur??

Kurt -

Either I misunderstand your question of you may have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a stop order means.

Specific to your post:

You currently have a Short GBP/NZD trade open.

You opened the trade on 3/15 at 23:29 Eastern US Time.

On 3/16 at 11:44 ET you submitted signal #58823650: Buy To Close at Stop 2.2051.

Buy Stop 2.2051 means "Buy when price goes above 2.2051."

But that price has not been hit.

Why would you expect C2 to trigger a stop when the stop hasn’t been hit?

I see no error here.

Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, or am completely missing something obvious. If so, I apologize, but please take a moment to explain to me.