Trades Wrongly closed by C2 Server

Dear Mr.Mathew

I am the system developer of Reddy FX

It looks like my 2 Trades of Short GBP/USD & Short GBP/CAD has been wrongly closed by c2 system without the price reaching my actual stop loss.

GBP CAD opened on 22/12 had been closed on 25/12 @14.33 with Stop loss price of 1.8230

GBP USD opened on 23/12 has been closed on 25/12 @14:32 with stop loss price of 1.4903.

I request you to look into the charts & let me know whether the price hit my stop during my trade since it was opened to till now.

Please do the needful.

Please do let me know whether the chart which i use is incorrect

Sorry for the trouble. It helps me a lot when you fill out a trouble ticket for any fills you consider erroneous. Please see:


Thanks for the reply.

As per the instructions given by you i have updated the trouble ticket for both positions.

Both trades should be live now

Hi Mathew

Thanks for the immediate support.