C2 for Israeli's

In the past I could see and present my systems results by many brokers and their different commissions - but last days I see only be trader commissions in my results, even when i use the English version.

It’s seem I need to hide my IP to the the full choice to show many broker ps commissions ?

It’s strange - because I see different result on my system and when the system compare in the best systems/ grid/feature systems
It’s now fair for Israeli costumers - people can find other brokers too like direct IB trade monster and so on.

Please let’s us see all commissions by all brokers.
It’s ok to get first be trader commissions but let the subscriber choice.

Please also let me know do you enable automatic trades from option house (my preferred broker that was before _trade monster) ?

I like the c2site and proud to be top trader here.

any answer please? WOW WOW