Sorry but c2 is less relevant then ever

i use c2 with my real account on IB
my real results are amazins and i can share my broker statments.

lets see the data feom my real account vs my TOS system 'amazing options"

nov-2017: IB broker 12.27% TOS system=7.5%
dec-2017: IB brokers 23.24% Tos system=3.3% !!!
jan-2018 (till today): Ib brokers 23.04% Tos system=4.1% !!!

so amazing trading results in real life look not so good here on the TOS system.

more amazing:
the explanation from c2 help is that typical broker commision is 4-5$ per option per trade.
of course its bulshit. its bever more then 1-1.5

but same time other options systems is charcge by tipical commission of 1$ only
so not only the shown commission is wrong - its also not equal to every system as i show on last topic on this subject.

Matt never answer for this 2 questions:

why the commission that present in the site in options is so wrong so TOS systems doent reflect real results??

how can you show 2 different systems one with 1-2$ comissions per option and other 4-5$? its not fair and very very disturbing

I cant trust C2 anymore till getting Full answers to my post

Cant you add 2 .pdf´s month reports from IB here, then we can compare with “Amazing options”

Make sure you set the proper broker in the C2 broker selection or C2’s commision numbers will be wrong. Also remember that C2 results include subscription costs which the TOS dev doesn’t pay. Those can be significant for systems with high sub fees and not a lot of capital.

listen we not so stupid
we try all type of brokers including IB
subsciption cost is not the reason
anyway everybody should know this

Sorry for trying to help. I won’t make that mistake with you again.


Can you show an example where C2 calculates PnL incorrectly?
For example, your trade 1/29/18 in AAPL:
Entered AAPL Feb2’18 177.5 call, 4 contracts, at price 0.97
Exited at 1.20
So gross here is: +$92.
C2 is showing $86, which is $6 in commissions. For 4 contracts, that is very reasonable commission.

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yes you right
but past stat was with 4-5$ per option and trade
i also put before some examples of other systems
like this
very disturbing and no comment from c2 stuff

my stat is here
real IB results: 24.29% retutn Jan-2018
my TOS “amazing options” that “copy” my ib account results is 4.8% jan-2018