Cant copy my real IB account

I try few weeks ago to coneect my IB account to c2 and got massage that there is such link.
buy due to technical problems with the connection to Be-trader Israel the copy ot the trading doesn’t work.

do you know about this problem?
when it wil be solve

if I open direct account in IB will the problem will solve.??

what about copy trading from trade monster-option house account? can I make this?

Hi Tsvika:

I think the technical issues we had with the Israeli broker (BeTrader) have been resolved.

I will contact you by email for instructions about what to do next.


As far as I know it still not working (as Avi told me and as I see on my c2 account…)
but hope you help me.

I really like c2 concept and as you can see with my THING BIG system I have nice result and even C2 SCORE=94 !
so I am so proud and with show my real account too

good night