C2 Forex fills are too optimistic

C2 reports zero commissions for the Forex fills. I was getting usually the same fills as C2 (but never better I think) at IB which charges commissions. I had to move my Forex trading to EFX (beucause TB sync does not work with IB) which has more than double commissions compared to IB and I’m still not getting any better fills than C2 reports.

So I don’t believe it’s possible to achieve the fills that C2 reports with a zero commission broker because they have larger spreads. Here is my suggestion to make Forex system performance reporting more realistic at C2:

1. Start adding 0.5 pip commission to Forex fills or

2. Start using the zero commission broker spreads

If there is someone here getting the same fills as C2 with a no-commission broker, please let me know and I will move my Forex trading there.