C2 needs a reliable FX quote feed!

C2’s fills and postions in some Forex systems bear little relation to

reality. The C2 reference feed typically runs 3 pips or more BELOW

the IB feed so a system that enters on stops or limits will often be

autotraded into a trade on IB but still be waiting for an entry to be

recorded on C2.

Tonight’s fill on the Entropia GBPUSD buy stop to enter at 1.7455

is a good illustration of this. The market traded through the stop

on IB at 23:11 EST with a high of 1.7458. C2 did not record a fill

unitl 2:46 EST, three and a half hours later! In the meantime the

trade on IB came within a few pips of being stopped out for a loss.

A loss that C2 would not have recognized at all.

Decent price feeds are readily available from Gain, MB/EFX,

IBFX, CoesFX, Oanda… there is no excuse for using such a

lame price feed.

We also encounter the very much same problem as you do. In fact, this happens to our system almost everyday. Barclays and Tullet just cannot reflect the whole forex market as these are small participants when comparing to other larger counterparts.

Schmitty you just can’t trade rapid semi-scalping fx systems using IB/TB/C2 . As you say the price feeds are just too differnent along with the possiblity that C2/TB/IB could have one of it’s hic-cups leaving you seriously out of pocket. There are just too many things that could go wrong. Far better to focus on swing systems. I think Entropia is still worth trading manually if you have the time though… being such a good system…

We are currently adding new Forex quote feeds to C2. The first new quote feed will be Interactive Brokers’. Once the feed is added, C2’s quotes will be identical to most real-life traders’ results. I plan on adding other quote sources, too, in the near future. Stay tuned. I’ll have an announcement soon.

From what little I have read on the Internet about Forex prices, they are not regulated or standardized across various brokers or market-makers. Hence it would be best to stick to a single quote-feed that is used by the majority of C2 auto-trading subscribers, e.g. that from Interactive Brokers. Otherwise, the missed fills and loss of sync problems may continue.