C2 platform upgrade suggestion

I would like to suggest that Collective2 changes it’s contract size from a minimum of $10,000 lots to a minimum of $1 units, as is available with the premier retail spot firm Oanda. Doing so would attract more experienced traders, give current C2 users more options and be a more viable platform for currency managers then just traders/ gamblers. The way the platform is set up now, it is impossible to split up and diversify a certain amount of available cash, one has to either round up or round down in $10,000 units. Say you have an account of $100,000 and want to have that exact amount in the market. If you are watching the 14 most traded pairs and 2 meet your parameters, you can place a trade of 5 lots for each pair (5x2x$10,000= $100,000) to meet you goal of positioning your entire balance. Say 6 pairs meet parameters to trade. $100,000/6 = $16,667 the amount one would want to position per pair, which is not possible. That leaves one having to round up to 2 lots ($10,000x2x6= $120,000) having a position %20 bigger than available balance or rounding down to 1 contract each, for a position of $60,000.
I absolutely love Collective2, but from my 14 years of experience trading Forex, the current platform could be modernized and more advanced. Attracting money managers with more money and give the current system providers a better platform.
To the administration of C2, I invite you to visit Oanda and be aligned with a more progressive service provider. http://www.oanda.com/corp/story/?srccont=rightnav

Please feel free to visit my strategy Diversified Holdings