C2 Policy

As a developer we get a percentage of monthly fees from clients using the site for the USA. Our systems may not be on the international one unless they are free. Is being free the criteria for being on the international site?

I was told that some of the pay for in the usa are free on the international site. Is that true? Since the ones on the international sites are free how can developers make money on them? Can we developers in the USA develop for it?

System developers who create systems that trade either futures or forex will automatically be invited to participate in the non-USA site. These invitations will appear on your screen regardless of how much (or if anything) you charge on the USA site.

Systems that agree to appear on the non-USA site will be offered for free subscriptions to non-American subscribers. System developers will instead be compensated by sharing a portion of the autotrading fees generated when non-American customers trade these systems in non-USA brokerage accounts.

It has taken us a much longer time than we originally anticipated to get the non-USA site launched with non-USA brokers. We had hoped to be generating trading revenue at non-USA brokers months ago; in fact, we launched live trading at non-USA brokers for the non-USA site only in the past week or so.

You can learn more about C2’s international web site here: www.collective2.com/international

Do the systems need to be futures or forex, or can they be a combination of both? Are the broker fees higher for International customers than US?

To be eligible for the non-USA web site, the system should be either forex or futures, but not both mixed together.

Yes, typically the brokers participating in the non-USA site will charge higher fees to cover the system cost (since traders are not charged a monthly subscription fee). This sort of business model is not allowed inside the USA and cannot be applied to American persons or U.S. brokers. It is permissible only outside the U.S.

We would like our system to be listed on the non-USA site but currently have a mix "mostly futures (some forex)". So we would seperate the forex in - say - TradingTrends2 and leave TT1 for futures only.

What action is needed to make TradingTrends1 listable on international C2?