Non-USA C2 Websites


My question is the upcoming launch will also benefit C2 systems that don’t trade much, in that there will be more exposure to potential customers, right?

So systems like NQ Timer and [LINKSYSTEM_76261706] should then participate.


Any word on this?

I am thinking to dismiss message or decline, since scant money can be made with exposure to non-USA market.

My trading systems just don’t trade often.

- G

When is this being launched anyways?




Reasons to decline this especially for futures:

1) Many Non-us person will not trade us listed futures

2) Even for a system that trades frequently say it trades 25 times per month, total money made on 1 contract basis is 2520.5 = 25$. However, on subscription, you might charge 100-200$ per month.

This model makes sense only for fx markets. 0.5 pips for fx is standard. However, 0.5$ for futures is too less. I think it should be increased to at least 3$ per side and even better to 5$ per side. Striker etc. cost much more per roundtrip for clients to trade. No reason for C2 to pay just 0.5$ per future for non-USA clients.

Ques for Matthew - how will C2 ensure that US residents will not visit and trade from non-US website. What mechanism exist currently to ensure this?


You choose if your system wants to be listed on the international site or not.

If you don’t like it, don’t list your system.

Hi, Mark:

I appreciate your feedback on pricing futures trading through our non-USA web site. Pricing this sort of service is more of an art than a science; we’re going to try the current pricing and see how it goes. We’re open to changing if we find we have totally misjudged the market.

Regarding your question: "how will C2 ensure that US residents will not visit and trade from non-US website. What mechanism exist currently to ensure this?"

People are directed to the non-USA site on the basis of their IP address. Non-USA people are given the choice to use either the USA or nonUSA site. But the main reason Americans can’t use the non-USA site is simply this: the non-USA site works only with non-USA brokers, and the brokers we are working with will not allow Americans to open accounts and enable autotrading through them.


Hi Matthew,

Any ETA on the int’l site launch?


We “soft-launched” the non-USA site yesterday. Which means: we’re not actively promoting it yet, because we want to work the kinks out. However some people from outside the USA are being directed to it.

We’ll have more information soon for our system developers participating in it by offering their system on it.

Right now, we’re just working on getting everything up and running smoothly, both on the site itself, and also with our new non-USA broker partners.

Hang in there. More info soon.


Great, thanks MK.

Good luck with the Novel.

So what happens to Americans living overseas like me? I keep getting the non-usa type, so I have to VPN to a state side server, so I stop getting the “choice” haha.

I have a German address, papers and bank account…what are the brokers asking that doesn’t allow Americans like me not to trade on the non-usa site?

Agree, the pricing is not “correct” for futures. At least when you have invested or harvested lot of systems, which trade reasonable small amount of entries to get best possible result, which can handle delays and normal fees.

HFT, with small targets/stop losses and many trades, is not feasible to C2 although that can be very profitable to your own account but definitely not via C2 and thats why those systems aren’t here. (There that pricing would even be too much but not in current model).

Kind Regars

- Marko Rantala / PVooodoo

Creator for PV xxxxx like


Hi Matthew,

Quick question as to how our strategy will appear on the non-USA site. Will it be the same but without the monthly fee?

Also, would non-USA visitors be able to view our system page, such as What would happen if they were to type in the web address?



I will tell you what happens when someone from outside USA clicks on your link as I’m based in the UK.

Your subdomain comes up as normal, but on the right-hand side it will show “Subscribe Here” and below this it says: "Free"

Then I pressed the Subscribe button and it directs me to a new page saying:

"You can subscribe to Kingda Forex and begin to receive trading advice immediately. There is no subscription fee for Kingda Forex.

You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Press the button below to begin your subscription."

Hope this helps.

Csaba Biro