C2 score keeps going down

To whom it may concern,

About 3 days ago our c2 score was in the 980s. Then yesterday it went down to 970 and today it’s 969. How can this be, when the majority of trades have been profitable? Equity is going up but score is going down.

Looking forward to understanding how this works.


Marlene from Techno4x[LINKSYSTEM_50975319]


The C2 score is a percentile score, comparing you to the rest of the C2 universe. (For example, if your score is, say, 950, that means you are better than 95% of the rest of the C2 universe of trading-system developers.)

When you understand that the score is a percentile ranking, then you can see how it is very possible for your system profitability to rise while your score goes down. It means that – while you are improving – the people around you are improving even more.