C2 Sponsorship box

Hi Matthew, I paid USD 15 for a sponsorship box on the main page. According to the statistic on my account this is good for 1500 “impressions” and so far only 1409 “impressions” is left, however there has been 0 click. That means so far 91 people have been “impressed” wirh my system but none bother to check it out any further. I’m sorry but I’m finding it hard to understand the difference between these two concepts. Could you be so kind to explain it to me?

Thanks a lot


“Impressions” is industry lingo for the number of times the ad has appeared on a page (and thus viewed). “Clicks” is the number of times people have been moved enough by the ad to click on it. “Clickthru” is clicks divided by impressions. In the online industry a “clickthru” rate of .5% is considered very good (that’s one out of every 200). 1% is nowadays unusually high.

You need to have an impressive equity curve before expecting people to click through. You are nowhere near there yet, given today’s numbers.

Why are you trying to advertise so early? It can take months before you build a following, according to some vendors who have shared their experiences on the forums.

I wish you had a rating on how many times people committ money to the ad. Probably less than 0.02%

I don’t understand what you mean.

You should be able to capture the ip addresses that click on the ad, then, if those ip’s join the system, count goes up 1 for a conversion rate. Click thru is not really useful. A good system should be able to convert some of those clicks to subscribers, and it is that rate that I would like to know. Just saying, this is how many clicks you got to your system does nothing if you also do not count how many would actually convert from the advertisement. I doubt I have gotten any subscribers that way.