C2 Star Strategies

I was just looking at the list of C2 Star strategies. There appear to be only 12 star strategies with only 3 older than 4 months. Doesn’t seem like any strategies can meet the hurdles for a long period of time (multiple years). Does anyone know if there were more during the bull market?

Actually i noticed there is more during bearish market , becuase they will outperform the sp500 easier that way .


The criteria are very hard to meet. I tried to do it but couldn’t.

I would like to know if any hedge fund in the world (other than perhaps Renaissance) has met this criteria for 3 or more years in a row.

You don’t have to meet the criteria all the time , you are paid on a pro rata basis , just sayin . As long as you don’t pass the red lines of course.

Many people like to boast about the sp500 performance over the years but they all fail to mention the horrendous drawdowns of the market .


I dont think even renaissance can do it!