Please confirm outage

Started about an hour ago.

Just ended 5 minutes ago.

Per my observations, it started at about 3:00 am EST and ended at about 4:40 EST.

Our primary data center lost connectivity to Internet at this time. I’m trying to contact our provider to see exactly what happened, but it does seem that everything is back online now.

Great thanks for the confirmation.

Would like Admin to comment on the cause, and what is suggested that Traders (and System Providers) do when C2 is down.

How often is this happening?

You have no backup server at different datacenter?

That’s strange…I don’t see Jeff’s latest post, though I got an email with its contents.

Hi, Guys:

Here’s what I learned about last night’s outage. Equinix (our primary hosting facility) had to perform emergency maintenance on a router. They started at 3:00 AM ET and it lasted for 90 minutes. They did not alert us ahead of time.

We do have a second hosting facility in place, at a separate geographic location (in the midwest, as opposed to our main facility in New York metro) but it’s meant to be used as a backup in the case of long, catastrophic outages (i.e. entire east coast goes dark for 48 hrs). This is because the changeover to the second facility has some downtime associated with it and some performance degradation, too.

I wish I could tell you there are never Internet outages, but sometimes they do happen. We try our best to work with reliable vendors, and to have backup systems in place to deal with the very worst of these scenarios.

While no solution is perfect, C2’s AutoTrade technology is designed to recover from outages by “re-synchronizing” accounts so that positions are matched to the trading systems that have been subscribed to.