Data Center Outage - Morning of Aug 19

Dear C2 Members:

I wanted to let everyone know our primary data center went down this morning for several hours, starting at approximately 11 PM ET on August 18. The people at the data center brought things back online at 4:15 AM ET this morning. The cause of the problem appears to have been a denial of service attack originating from outside the data center. This brought down several Web sites, including C2. I’ll be looking further into this over the coming days to see if we can work with our data center to prevent or make less severe future incidents of this kind.

I know this was a great inconvenience to many of you, and I am sorry that this occurred.



I don’t envy you staying up all night, probably frantically worried to boot! Keep up the good work; it’s appreciated.


Do you have a secondary data center we can connect to?

This is a website that runs (according to your home page) $400M a week! That is not an online jewelry website which can afford to be down for several hours! A downtime like this could be a CATASTROPHE during the trading hours for both developers and subscribers.

Please let us know what are your plans for improvement asap!