C2 vs Competitors

I have taken a pretty detailed look at the competitors to C2 and I will share with you what I have seen and what my conclusions are. Matt will probably like my review and he knows that I am not blowing smoke up his…

C2 is built in what I consider the spirit of Silicon Valley. It gives choice and the opportunity for the developer and the subscriber to have flexibility and freedom to create their own best future.

I think that C2 gives all concerned the ability to work in their own best interest and for the developers as well as the subscribers to work in a Win Win arrangement.

Most of the competitors only trade forex and pay the developers a fee that is related to the pips they generate as a result. The pressure is on the developer to produce pips. These come from lots of trades.

Then I found one that claims to work with “professionals” it said on their site that if you want daily reports you need to trade the “pro” etf funds…no futures.

I found a firm that allows the subscriber to trade more than forex…everything you can trade at C2. At C2 you can use IB …as do I and pay very low commissions…or any broker that you want. At the firm I looked at everyone must trade through them and pay their higher commissions.

At C2 you can use manual or Autotrade.

The competitor wanted me (babsontrading) to tailor my system to accounts who will not use more than 10K in margin…and of course it has to trade a lot.

The competitor suggested that their track records are real and not real time hypothetical. I contend that it doesn’t matter as long as the hypothetical is real time accurate.

From my point of view, none of the competitors that I have found offer the flexibility I prefer to have in order to achieve my longer term goals and the flexibility that my subscribers need to achieve theirs.


Ron Jaenisch


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I concur with that. I too have looked at a few competitors, although not as closely as Ron. Each of them had something lacking - e.g. no options - or plain wrong, like encouraging over-trading to generate commissions. A few bugs notwithstanding, C2 is definitely the best I’ve come across. It has the right attitude at heart, is flexible enough to accommodate all sorts of different styles and is as democratic as can be - enabling personal (ir)responsibility.