C2 won't process symbol change causing big drawdown and plunging equity curve

On May 16, the symbol for TSX.SLW (a position in one of the strategies I am developing) changed to TSX.WPM. But C2 did not automatically detect the corporate action or update the symbol.

On May 17, right after market open, I reached out to the help desk and pointed out that the symbol change had not been processed and the old symbol was reflecting an incorrect price. I received a response from the help desk around 5 pm that evening stating that “the symbol change has been handled. Please give the page sometime to update.”

The problem is that the symbol change was not updated correctly and was instead changed to SLW.WT.U with a zero price . . . which subsequently reflected a big drawdown in the strategy and a plunging equity curve.

Since May 17, I have sent multiple e-mails every day to the help desk and to Matt asking when this problem will be fixed but I have not received any response. Today is Day 6, and I still have not received a response from C2 staff. The position in my strategy is still reflecting a zero price associated with SLW.WT.U and consequently all the performance data and equity curve is being inaccurately reported.

After sending yet another e-mail this morning (and not receiving a response), I decided to post my experience in this forum primarily to alert other members of the sub-par customer service I have received from C2 and, more importantly, to highlight the glaring systems and data issues with C2’s platform. Processing a simple corporate action, such as a symbol change, should be fairly straightforward. And responding to paying customers (I subscribe to the premium plan) should be a priority for C2 staff. But based on my experience, neither of those two items are important for C2.