C2MT4Connector with CorDllMain Error

Hi there, I am using C2MT4Connector EA and when I attached the EA to my MT4, I notice that _CorDllMain function is red. This is under the mscoree.dll. See attached.

PS. I tried to upload the picture here but I was not allowed.

Solved in a private conversation.


Can you explain the detail how to solve this problem ? i have facing the same thing.


that red flag is not a problem.

Here is this specific case solution.

       MT4 - Multiple instances 

You cannot install our C2MT4Connector twice.

If you are running multiple MT4 instances, you need to copy two C2MT4Connector files manually to the other instances folders.

Our installer installs two files: C2MT4Connector.ex4 and C2MT4Connector.dll

Those files should be placed here:
c:\Users[YOUR LOGIN NAME]\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\50CA3DFB510CC5A8F28B48D1BF2A5702\MQL4\Experts\C2MT4Connector.ex4
c:\Users[YOUR LOGIN NAME]\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\50CA3DFB510CC5A8F28B48D1BF2A5702\MQL4\Libraries\C2MT4Connector.dll

Where "[YOUR LOGIN NAME]" is your Windows login name.

But if you are using more MT4 instances, you need those files in those instances folders too. 

Please start your "additional" MT4 instance and select the "Open Data Folder" item in the MT4's File menu. 

Remember the folder. 

Move those two files to the MT4 Data Folder folder manually.


Say your MT4 instance has this "Data Folder":

then, our files should be here: