Please try the new C2 beta

A new C2 is available for public beta test. You can check out the changes by signing in and clicking here:

The new version features:

  • A radically simplified “Dashboard” design
  • A better Watch List experience, including the ability to set up multiple lists
  • New “One-Click-Sim” functionality

This last feature – “One-Click-Sim” – deserves some additional explanation. At a high level, we’re moving away from the idea of formalized “free trial periods” for trading strategies (for now, Trade Leaders can still offer them, and they are still available on the main site, but they are mostly done away with in the new design).

As we move to the new version of C2, “free trial periods” will be phased out. Instead, they’ll be replaced by the ability to quickly and easily “Simulate” any strategy in your C2 simulated brokerage account. You can simulate a strategy for as long as you like. While you simulate a strategy, you will not be able to see open positions, nor to receive real-time trade signals. You’ll just see the trading results in your Simulated Brokerage account, which is now tightly integrated into the new dashboard design.

We think this new user experience will help create more knowledgeable, and more comfortable, investor members, who, in turn, will be more apt to subscribe to trading strategies for their real broker accounts. This will benefit both investors and trade leaders.

And coming soon(ish)

This public beta release is only a first milestone in what I hope will be a busy, and productive, summer and autumn. Coming soon, we’ll be testing new AutoTrade P/L reporting screens, designed to handle the myriad complexities involved in tracking P/L performance broken down by strategy (even when our broker partners do not track trades on a per-strategy basis). Our current AutoTrade reporting is a glaring shortcoming that we hope to improve over the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned.

We’re working on some other neat projects behind the scenes, so please look for upcoming announcements.

How to provide feedback on the public beta

Post here if you like. Or, if there’s a problem or suggestion more specific to your particular account or situation, please email

Thanks for trying the new site and offering suggestions and ideas.


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Will the simulators receive broadcasts?

Non-autotradering subscribers to strategies may be receiving ‘real-time’ signals and other work-products via broadcasts.


I checked this out and currently use the Dashboard as a live indicator of current system signals summarized in one place. But on the new Dashboard I don’t see any recent trades (eg. from today) listed for any strategy (3 of which I autotrade, and 2 which I manually trade). Is that information elsewhere now? It is really useful (and I think needed) to have a single screen where all live trade activity can be viewed from one place, and updated in real time, so that the autotrading process can be monitored continuously.

I do see a small gear symbol with a triangle to its left for each strategy listed at each broker on the new Dashboard, but clicking that doesn’t do anything. Is that meant to show live/open trades, or ?? Or is this beta version still not complete as far as features. I like the new watchlist, but would hate to lose the ability to have a live, real-time trade monitoring screen like the old Dashboard where live trades are updated and everything is in one place.

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Hi Matt,

I sent e-mail to the help desk right now, but I repeat a summary here, so that others don’t run into this issue. [I believe it is a bug; at the very least a usability bug.]

In the new UI I set up a simulation where I used two of my subscribed systems. It went smoothly, I played with the dashboard, etc.

Then I went to my ‘live account’ tab and noticed that the systems that I added to simulation tab, disappeared from there! No big deal (I thought), maybe I file a (minor) bug report later.

But then to my HORROR I got automated e-mails from C2 first that I stopped autotrading the systems, so now C2 will attempt to close my open positions!!! and next that I unsubscribed from the systems!!!

I removed the systems from the simulation tab in a hurry and went back to the old UI in a hurry!

NO GOOD! C2 believes that I stopped autotrading and unsubscribed from the systems!!! Also my performance reports are gone.

PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE reinstate my subscriptions before tomorrow market open, this is the URGENT part. [Details about the systems are sent to the help desk.]

IMHO this is a rather serious bug.

(1) We don’t get the usual (and correct!!) warnings “are you sure you want to autotrade?” and “are you sure you want to unsubsribe?” “If you do the following things will happen:…”

(2) The switch back and forth between the old UI and the new UI is not idempotent at all! So the “don’t worry you can switch back” is NOT accurate! When I switched back to the old UI, my control panel changed, my previous (old, validly unsubscibed) systems’ performance data disappeared. All my (old) systems – it was a valuable piece of data I used! So until you fix this you should add some warning to this effect like “we appreciate that you try, but in all honesty we must tell you that…”

But FIRST: PLEASE re-instate my valid, fully paid, subscribed, autotraded systems!! PLEASE!



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Hi, Joseph - I have restored your previous subscriptions, and responded to you via help desk email to work through restoring previous set up.

I like the idea of the free subscription on the simulated account and the idea of multiple watch lists, but wasn’t able to play enough. :frowning: I turned to beta, then turned back and beta button is disappeared. Is it possible to turn between beta and current design several times or it is one time event?

Temporary removed access as I investigate Joseph’s issue above…

I love new dashboards for each broker connected account, but as developer I miss the traditional dashboard with all your strategies and connected accounts.

Hopefully many more people will also chime in on needing a new Dashboard to show the open positions and any new trade orders for the systems that are subscribed to. With the present new Dashboard, having a separate tab for each broker is OK, but once at a broker page only an abbreviated summary of the open positions is shown with no details or open trade orders. You have to go to each system’s main page and leave the Dashboard to get this information, and for multiple systems this gets cumbersome quickly.

Also, seeing the long term equity curve on the Dashboard plot (what I get if I click on a strategy name) isn’t useful IMO since (at least for me) the main use of the Dashboard is for a quick look at one’s entire positional situation across all strategies being followed, rather than duplication of longer term information like the months-long equity curve. My $0.02.


the gear icon doesn’t in firefox. it does in chrome. it would be nice to be see the current positions in all systems like the old design without clicking the gear for each system. Also the current PL for the day is not correct on the dash board.

New C2 beta is fancy but less convenient.
For the old C2 page, when I check strategies in my watch list, I need to click once to see each strategy.
Now for the new C2 beta, I need to first click watch list, then click the strategy I want to see. After I see one strategy, I want to see another strategy, I have to click back button to return to watch list page, then click another strategy.
So I need to click twice to see one strategy.
I would stay with old C2 if both are available.


Absolutely agree with RandyMay2

Ah … that explains my problem as I use Firefox and get no response from the gear icon.

simulation starts at 1x there needs to be smaller sizes like 50% 25% as many people want to scale down on large systems. please add that.

We won’t be supporting <100% scaling for SIMs except in special cases (stock systems) because you cannot accurately trade at less than 100%.

I want to see all my strategies (as a leader ans as a follower) in one overview.
Now I have to switch from follower to leader.

Bump. I’ve also sent an email…no response there either.

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No, SIM trialers receive neither signal emails nor broadcasts.

Yes, agreed - the Dashboard experience for Trade Leaders is still a work in progress and will be released soon.

If strategies are kept in the same watch list should it be the old style behavior?