C2's $10K max for Stop-Loss

I’m sad - I just received C2’s response to their $10K max for Stop-Loss. Evidently C2’s management team decided without user input what the proper Stop-Loss amount should be for the subscribers. $10K is way too small for someone trading 2X, 3X, etc times the original fund strategy. There is no reason C2 can’t let the subscribers decide their own stop-loss. Their work-around of manually setting the amount over $10K is lame and defeats the purpose of auto-trading. ***Anyone else feel the same way?

10k is not enough, C2 needs to change this

Should it be a set % of the recommended starting capital instead?

What happened to the freedom for people to make their own decisions? If I am not mistaken Collective2 was founded on this principle. Does “Cassandra’s secret” ring a bell Matthew?

Good News! C2 just updated their stop-loss selections - now up to $200K. It used to be limited to $10K - I couldn’t be more pleased after last week’s market plummet.