Careful and warning

Liyan is back and huge drawdowns in first few days. He goes my Greun_Mark. He has had many different names over the years but same results. Losses over $100k to $250k per strategy usually. I know him as Liyan but not sure his real name.


I ran a search on the same and found this: collective2 . com / details / 141877014 . The loss is immeasurable. Seems like C2 should implement some restrictions on leverage and remove such hostile strategy makers.

Or when you follow a strategy put limits on the sizes yourself.

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Of course you can do something. But if you have to manage details like this, why follow others? Why C2 at all?

There are freelancing platforms where they do a video call to confirm a sign up. I think as long as the numbers on C2 is not showing the full picture, there should be a requirement that these makers create videos to explain their strats, in which you can probably see if the person is insane.

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When you follow a system in collective2, they ask you at what percentage you want to follow and what limits you want impose , its part of the autotrading settings configuration.
I am not saying you have yo put a stop on each trade but sure you should excerise risk management and decide the size and the limits for each strategy you follow. We cant blame others for everything, the tools are there infront of us .

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Good point and nice talking!