CalcSar Implementation?

Any chance that CalcSAR will get implemented soon?


// Calculate and store a SAR data
sarData = CalcSAR();

// Exploration

// Backtest charts
DoPlot(sarData,"SAR",colorRed, styleDots | styleNoLine);

CalcSAR data looks good. But our charting component is “too active”.
It interpolates and draws additional points between two bars on its own. A SAR chart does not look as one usually expects then…
I need to look at it and make it less “clever”.

A chart with candles:

// Backtest charts
DoPlot(sarData,"SAR",colorBlue, styleDots | styleNoLine);

Looks more “parabolic” now:

Wow, thanks Bob, way to be on top of this stuff! This last looks like the right stuff. PSAR is supposed to be gappy - no pivots. There are some subtleties that one needs to be careful about with PSAR so I will take a closer look at this data but its looking real good.

Hi Bob - take a look at the exploration data for AAPL going back 1 year. I’m seeing a reversal on 10/2/2014 establishing a new SAR at 103.05 THEN on 10/3/2014 the SAR remains at 103.05. I’m thinking that the 10/3/2014 SAR should have moved down to 102.95 (with round off.) Do you agree?