Stop and Reverse Forex! results chronology


First of all, I want to say that you run a great business and C2 provides a great service to the trading community before I make the following observation.

Stop and Reverse (SAR) has been one of the best performing systems and one I have tracked closely, but there have been seeming inconsistencies on the reporting or recording of the results in C2 which I would appreciate if you explained.

For example after the week ending 6/17 SAR had a reported return of +136.4% (+$136.4K) after 5 weeks. But in the W/E 6/24 SAR had a huge drawdown and was at +69.6%. The week following SAR recovered and was at +105.7% for W/E 7/1, with no open equity after 7 weeks and 166 trades. But in the week following 7/1 SAR made no new trades yet ended the week on 7/8 at 148.5% (+42.8K), and still with 166 trades. Also the chart for SAR was changed to look smooth, where it no longer showed the -$66.8K drawdown for the W/E 7/1.

It is apparents some major adjustments were made to the results after 7/1, but I don’t know what changed in the trade history (same amount of trades) and I don’t know how there can be such a large discrepancy on what is an automated platform like C2.

There is no major concern if this is only a fluke in the programming that has been corrected and doesn’t happen again. It is excusable if results are off a few $'s here and there - no big deal. But where results are off in the tens of thousands, I think an explanation is deserved.

So please do!

I can’t remember exactly, since I am getting old, but there were platform problems. Corrections were needed to be made. The high gains reproted were incorrect (the large move up on the graph you saw), and the large drop was again incorrect (the large drop you saw). After corrected them, removing a large gain and large loss, you get the smoother graph you see now. I’m not going to go into detail of problems that have been corrected, there is no point nor do I feel like typing all that.

There were 3 or 4 problems to be corrected, and since then only one continues to be a problem and Mathew is working on that.


I am short euro 100 lots at 1.2000

I have a buy to close at 1.2050 for 100 lots

I have a buy to open at 1.2050 for 100 lots.

When 1.2050 hits I should be 100 lots long.

But what happens sometimes is this:

The buy to open goes first. This closes out my short trade.

Then the buy to close is rejected, leaving me with no long position.

Mathew is working on that and may have it fixed now for all I know. But I hope that helps with your query.