C2 Charts

Mathew how about a few different charting options on C2? After a signal gets 1 year old the chart is so blury you can’t really see what todays action did to the chart. I would like to suggest a way to toggle between a whole chart and the last 6 months. Thanks

Those are good ideas. I’ll see what I can do.

I find the lack of the year in the dates makes the charts a bit confusing (eg 06, 07). You have to take a minute to try and figure out which year a particular day/month combo refers to. I don’t think anyone would mind if you put the dates at 90 degrees angle to axis, and that would give you plenty of extra room.

I rely on the dates quite a bit, because it may tell me if performance is highly correlated to market trend.

When you go to system finder and look at all of the best charts. You find they are all old (or long in time) and you can’t see any definition in them. My chart for target 50 for example. Last week it took a pretty good hit one day nobody could see it by looking at the chart. After a system has more than about 200 days to it the charts become useless as a tool to quickly see how a system is doing.

Yes, this is a good suggestion. I think other people agree with you and have mentioned this. I intend to revamp the charting module as soon as I can. As usual, a few other projects are taking precedence. Keep the suggestions coming, though. They are very appreciated.

Since we are making suggestions about the charts…

Can we make them a bit nicer to look at also? (http://www.fusioncharts.com/GalleryLine.asp#tr_4_0)

Can you make a similar badge to the C2 rating badge that uses the equity curve instead? (I’d like to have this on my external website).