Suggestion for advanced statistics

I’m very happy with the advanced statistics and use them quite often. However I have two suggestions:

1. Instead of having both “all-time monthly”, “all time daily” and “last 6 months” statistics in one column, it would be a lot easier to have them in three columns, one for for each time period. The table would become a matrix.

2. Since many systems change their trading strategies over time, it would be helpful to have an additional “last 3 months” and “last 9 months” set of statistics (in separate columns, all based on daily rather than monthly returns).

I would expect this only requires minor modifications to Jules’ code.

May I also suggest you put the definitions that are in the guide by the statistics of each signal. There is so much information there that I have to keep scrolling back and forth trying to understand it.

Adding other time frames is indeed a minor change in the code. I have no problem with it, but someone (I don’t remember who) complained about the work load and its impact on signal processing. I don’t know if that is true.

The other suggestions are for Matthew. I plan to make some improvements to the program by the end of June.

I echo that. Jules is to be commended for the outstanding contribution of the advanced statistics and the very informative guide but I agree with Richard it would be very helpful to all I’m sure if the definitions were there as an instant reference alongside the statistics, possibly in the way you currently have a ? button alongside Realism Factor and Slippage on the front page of each system.