Calling all investors

I have a number of strategies, I follow 40+ financial and commodities markets. I do not offer a free trial but I can offer a very good discount for the next 6-12 months. We have lots of opportunities in the next 7 months and also for the future.I now have a strict rule of using stops and there is an AI /Algo process staudying the differences between the predictive data. If you are also interested in what system I use I would be happy to share my knowledge.

(The above strategy I only trade commodities)

You want some honest feedback? The subscription fees are way too high.

Considering the return and drawdowns I wouldn’t subscribe (for those prices). Other systems here are cheaper with much lower volatility and equal or higher return.

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Thanks but that is the reason for the post to provide a good deal in discount. If it fails then yes I can always reduce.

OK Christopher the man of great advice… my wait and see has part failed to be total honest and frank (I did get two subscribers) and there are people making money off me strategy and they are happy, that is all that counts.I have now reduced the subscription to US$75 for all strategies. Please join us in making money. Also please understand I got complacent last year and I paid the price but now I have learnt its one thing to make money but its more important to protect my investors stress levels with STOP LEVELS and we will continue to do so.:slight_smile:

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If you look at Neural Stark 2 it has not so much draw-down and I have been too conservative to make a point. We have some great opportunities coming up for the near future. Anyway I am waffling now. I also recommend the Commodities strategy I am missing opportunities to be safe and still we have a good return.

that system had 2 huge draw downs. are we looking at the same system?

No I believe we are not. Above is the link, its max DD is approx. 4%. I am about to switch the strategy across two but this will be more concentrated on Indices futures, major FX and oil/silver/gold as the only commodities. Thanks