Can I Change My Username?

Hi Matthew

A few years ago I tried to develop a few manually executed versions of excel based trading systems. For various reasons (bad systems!) they failed.

I’ve now got the model working mechanically on a linux server and producing fully automated signals which am slowly getting integrated with C2. So far have API working for opening of trades and the next step is closing them.

My problem is that in the past I had a website to promote my excel based trading systems, and that website is now defunct.

The new version (hope springs eternal!) is on a different domain.

Unfortunately my C2 account is still “known” by the old domain which appears as my username. Oddly when I click the the username, it then takes me to a profile page for myself where my name is show (Ben Heaton) but there is no mention of either my old web domain, or my new web domain.

I realise it is important to display old systems created by developers, but is the developer able to change their name?



Hi, Ben:

Hold your mouse over MY ACCOUNT (top menu)

then a drop down menu will appear. Choose EDIT ACCOUNT INFO

You’ll see what you’re looking for there.


Thanks - all sorted - Ben