Request for feature: aliases for regular C2 users

How come system developers can use aliases when posting messages to the forum but regular users have to use their real names? My main concern is that the forum is searchable from say Google and frankly it’s nobody else’s business whether or not I’m personally using C2 (by googling my name).

I consider this a lapse in privacy protection.

Hi, Daniel:

Nothing precludes you from using an alias. Any C2 user can do so. Just go to My Account (top menu bar) and change your name.

I’m assuming you mean the “Edit Account Info” page. I tried that but

* It will not allow an empty last name field.

* There is no name field on the credit card page, so how are you going to charge me any system fees?

  1. We don’t need your name in order to process subscription fees.

    2) It’s true that C2 doesn’t allow a blank first name or last name. When we built the site, we didn’t really anticipate the need for aliases. So, for now, you can us a “space” or a dot (.) or an X or whatever you consider sufficient to anonymize yourself.