Email change in my account!

Hi Mathew,

When I update my email to another email, then what happen in my current account in term of log in, subcription, and trading? Please let me know ASAP as I plan to change my email and want minimal disruption to my trading.


-Anh Nguyen

Nothing special happens. If you change your email address on C2 by going to the "My Account" link on the top menu bar, then the only thing that will change is the email address you need to type in when you want to log in to C2. Nothing else is affected.

Please note: If you use any C2 API or any software that does so (Trader68, TradeBullet and so on) you’ll have to change the login information for these programs also.

This once hit me, bcause I use a highly automated process to generate signals for C2. After a “simple” change of email address suddenly the whole machinery stopped working, so beware.

Good point! Thanks Rene’. It’s easy to overlook these.