Can' t sell to cover QQQ


I can’t sell to cover QQQ in my portfolio… What I miss?



Problem was position was opened as QQQ, while correct symbol actually has 4 Q’s, like this: QQQQ

I have corrected position, and now you may enter your signal to close position.

Wen I STC appear this message:

"Can’t enter STC - Not currently long

You can’t enter an order to Sell To Close (STC) because you do not have a long position in QQQQ. If you want to enter a STC, make it conditional on a not-yet-executed STO order. Learn more"

and I can’t STC.

Make sure you are using the correct symbol. It’s:


notice the 4 Q’s.

Yes, when I use close position button I have QQQQ STC 140.

I have just tryed to STO and works. But I have canceled it because I don’t know if is a correct procedure.

Is like if the system don’t see the QQQQ in position correctly.

How can I do?



Riccardo - Totally my fault. I had adjusted the trade in the database to reflect the correct symbol, but had neglected to change one of the needed fields. I have now made the proper correction. Please try again, and please accept my apology for the hassle.

No problem Matthew only workers have problem…

I have just send the order to the market.



Matt, the order isn’ t filled, but stay:

"OCA B/S Quant Symbol Order type Status

STC 140 QQQQ at market Working Cancel"



Order was filled a few secs after you entered it – maybe your screen didn’t update or your session timed out? In any case, I see that you are flat.

Ok, thanks!!