Cancel ONLY either stop or limit

On an open position I wanted to cancel only the limit, but not the stop. When I clicked ‘cancel’ on limit, C2 automatically also cancelled the stop on that trade, which was not my intent. Is there a way to cancel only the stop or only the limit? If not, would C2 please enable this feature as soon as possible?

When you use C2’s “all-in-one” order entry, which allows you to specify an entry order plus a stop loss plus a profit target, those two latter orders are grouped together in what we call a One-Cancels-Another group. So when either your stop or target order is hit or canceled, the other order gets canceled too.

You have a few choices. The most simple is to “break” the OCA grouping before canceling one of the orders. To do this, click on the little OCA grouping icon that indicates which orders are grouped together (for example, you might see a little blue square next to a set of grouped orders, or a green circle, or a brown diamond, etc.) The orders that share the same little icon are grouped together. By first breaking the OCA grouping, you can cancel orders separately.

Alternately, you can choose to enter your orders differently in the first place. Specifically, you could enter your entry and stop loss and profit target as three separate orders (that is, by not using the all-in-one order ticket), like this:

Order #1: Sell To Open SYMBOL @ LIMIT 1.234

Order #2: Buy To Close SYMBOL @ STOP 3.0

Order #3: Buy To Close Symbol @ LIMIT 0.5

As separate orders, you can cancel each order without affecting the others.

Probably the first choice (breaking the OCA group by clicking the OCA icon) is the easiest way to go.