Cancellation signals are not notified by the ITMs

There were a few occasions of mid-day cancellation of signals on the Tango I subscribed. There were nothing ( text nor audio ) shown in the ITM. A few orders were filled before I found out the cancellation in my emails. I thought cancelled signals should be posted and notified by ITM, shouldn’t they?


If it helps I use API for cancelling pending orders.


Calvin: I’m not sure I understand your post. Cancelled signals are reflected immediately in the ITM window. Of course your Instant Trade Messenger window must be open when the cancelation takes place. Was your window opened when the order was canceled? - MK

P.S. No bell will ring for canellations, but the order will turn gray and say “Canceled” beside it.

Matthew, I still don’t undertstand the ITM.

When you say, the window has to be open, does it have to take up real estate on my screen, or can it be minimized?

I still have not heard the bell, when the signal came through. I placed four orders yesterday, which arrived here by email within a minute, but nothing happened in ITM for at least 5 minutes. I then minimized ITM, because I had to trade a few accounts at the close, when I maximized the ITM window, the orders were there, and only then did I hear the bell, about 20 minutes after I had placed the orders.

For the text, I do not recall the cancellation reflected in the ITM, but I am not very sure. Tango usually has a long list of orders posted, I might have overlooked. I will pay more attention next time.

I really wish the bell would ring when proper actions need to be taken ASAP. That is the idea for the ITM alarm, isn’t it? I could care little about the very moment an order was filled or expired. But canceling no more desired orders in time does carry significant financial impacts.


Let me explain the concern. The system has only one intraday signal it’s cancellation of all open orders. However, the signal is very important, because the system manipulates with amount of orders that in 3-5 times more than trading capital. Basically it means: Cancel all or margin call. Cancellation rule is described on the system main page. ITM doesn’t produce sound when an order is cancelled so if the “cancel all” missed by a subscriber it could create a problem for him/her in a market/sector move.


I am making the ITM window ring on order cancellations. Should be done within the hour.