C2 trading problems

I am coming to the conclusion that you can not trade using the c2 platform for signals.

This morning OEX Trading System issued an order to buy to open the OEBIL at 5.30. I did not get any alarm from the ITM window but I caught it anyway. When I look back after my fill @ 5.30 I see that the order was canceled! Again no alarm, bell, nothing.

What time did the cancel order come in? No idea, the ITM does not display cancel times!

Here I am long and the system is flat. Like it’s not touch enough trying to make some money in this business.


Bill (and other frustrated users):

The last few days are not typical. The problems you have experienced are the result of major software upgrades which were needed to meet with increasing numbers of customers.

Now, given the problems of the last few days, the increased-number-of-customers problem may take care of itself (sigh). But seriously, I’m not making excuses. I’m just pointing out that (1) you can expect better than what you’ve seen over the past few days or so, (2) that I am working extremely hard to fix all these issues, (3) that I appreciate the seriousness of your concern.

I’m asking only that you hang in there while I get this thing licked. Believe it or not, I’m making a lot of progress with the new HFE software, but I probably need another day or so to make sure all the kinks are worked out.

Please, be patient a bit longer…


I just received an Email STC order for Bris. Never showed up in the ITM window.

The Bris ITM window stopped updating. 45 min ago. I didn’t know it till now.