Cannot view Dashboard or log in

Are any other developers unable to log in or view dashboard. Originally there was a weird error on one of my strategies showing a big loss that was not occurring. Then when I tried to refresh the dashboard it said there was ad error. When trying to log in on another computer I received the same error. image

For some time unable to enter C2, and when finally entered c2, trades placed stuck forever, I was able to cancel a market order after it was open for several minutes and did not get a fill.

I’m having issues logging in also.

I have had the same problem as well as perfromance figures are all messed up…is there a server issue.

Sorry to hear you guys are having problems as well, but glad I am not alone haha. I have messaged support as I am sure you all have also. I will update with any information I get here. Good luck and hopefully support will fix this soon. Fortunately for me it doesn’t look like this has affected any of my signals or AutoTrades this morning.

They just posted this so they at least know there is an issue image

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I think we’re back online. Please let us know if you have further issues.


Looks like I am back up and the positions are correct again. Thanks for fixing it quickly!