Please Help! C2 Not Responding

My strategies are still out of sync because C2 did not handle the VXX/VXXB change correctly, I’ve got millions of dollars of subscriber funds in jeopardy right now, and I’ve gotten no response from the help desk ticket I opened at 8:45am this morning. I tried sending Matt a private note, but still nothing!

I’m not trying to be a troll, but I’m honestly not sure where else to turn. Has anyone heard from anyone at C2 about this issue?


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Same boat here - numerous calls (nobody picking up - all going to voice mail) / emails / messages throughout the day and nothing.

This was telegraphed from Barclays weeks ago so it is a little frustrating that this wasn’t handled proactively.

Looks like it might be fixed? The position name still looks wrong on my dashboard but at least it is picking up the correct value of the option position rather than being zeroed out.

Nope, not yet. In one of my strategies, the options are not showing at all; in the other they are still showing VXXB with a price of 0.

I was just contacted by C2. They are working on resolving the issue and hope to have it fixed today.

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The VXX/VXXB and sync issues appear to now be fixed. :slight_smile: