Cant connect


I have a problem.

When Im trying to connect via the secured server everything works ok and Im getting a session id.

After that when Im trying to get the trade signals using I am getting Connection to refused.

Also If I try to get the session id through the unsecured server Im having the same problem.

Any ides?


I can confirm your problem. I cannot login with the sessionid from the https request.

Working now, I guess the server was down.


I still cannot establish a connection through

with the id from the https://…

Whoops. Sorry about that. We were referring you to the wrong IP address. Try again. The problem is now fixed, I think.

it worked…

Matthew, one important thing, so I get on with my software:

I must subscribe to C2 Test(Random) without getting a email notification about trades. Else my email provider would ignore all incoming messages from collective2, which is definetly not in my interest.


Create a second C2 Test(Random) system which offers the signals only per gen1 but not per email.

I hope you have a sympathetic ear for me :slight_smile:


Why can’t you edit your C2 account settings to turn off emails while testing?

Hi Matthew,

Im having another problem now.

When requesting:

Im getting:











Even though I have subscription to C2 test.

What am I doing wrong?


In addition to subscribing to the system, you must also select it for autotrading by using the SETUP AUTOTRADE menu item on the top menu bar. When presented with a broker choice, you’ll need to choose C2 Test Client.

Thats it, thank you.

Matthew, I’ve designated my system as a test system and when I go to set it up for autotrade I never see the C2 Test Client option in the brokerage area… any ideas? Also When I’m trying to login I’m recieving a username/password not valid error.

Thanks in advance.